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Dr. Brian Lawenda

Radiation & Integrative Oncologist

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Patient Consultations

Dr. Lawenda offers in-office consultations and phone/video counseling for patients. Sessions can focus on Radiation Oncology or Integrative Oncology. See services page for more information

Dr. Lawenda At A Glance

Dr. Brian Lawenda is a U.S. News & World Report “Top Doctor,” Harvard-trained radiation oncologist, Stanford/UCLA-trained medical acupuncturist, integrative oncologist, functional medicine practitioner, and former Commander, in the U.S. Navy. He is a frequently invited lecturer and author of a wide range of oncology articles and chapters in numerous academic journals and textbooks. This extremely unique and broad background has shaped Dr. Lawenda’s evidence-informed and balanced approach to patient education, cancer prevention, and treatment employing state-of-the-art conventional oncology interventions, natural and complementary therapies, and anticancer lifestyle changes. His passion is evident in his care of each patient and his goal to improve the quality of life and outcomes for those around the world who visit this site. He is the Medical Director for GenesisCare (Kennewick, WA and Hermiston, OR).

Dr. Lawenda’s Academic Training/Education Institutions and Hospital Affiliations

The Integrative Oncology Essentials Program

The Integrative Oncology Essentials Program (IOE Program) includes information, interactive tools, educational supplements, and the latest research related to an improved quality of life and better cancer options. As an online resource, the IOE Program provides everything you need to improve your overall health — education, consultation, discussion, risk assessments, lab tests, and supplements.

At Home Lab Tests

Lab tests are often the first step in better understanding what is happening inside the human body. While some tests are relatively standard, there are many more worthwhile tests that may not be typically ordered by medical providers or covered by insurance. Learn more about these important tests.

1. Order Tests Online

Select the lab tests that interest you the most. Add them to the cart and place an online order. There are no hidden fees. This affordable price listed on this page is the price you will receive.

2. Receive Test Kits

Your test kits will arrive in the mail. They include step-by-step collection instructions and a prepaid return shipping label. Email support is available if you have questions about your kits.

3. Get Your Results

Your results will be released via a secure email as soon as they are available. Once you have received your results, consider a consultation with Dr. Lawenda or another medical advisor.


When you purchase any supplement through Dr. Lawenda’s online dispensary (Wellevate) you will receive a 10% discount off the suggested retail price.

Specific supplement recommendations are discussed by Dr. Lawenda during in-person or virtual visits and consults.