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A patient came to see me yesterday for a radiation oncology consult to treat painful non-cancerous growths called desmoid tumors that continue to grow back after multiple surgeries. Radiation is considered the last option for patients with this condition when all other treatments (surgery or drugs) have failed. The only treatment that has helped her in the past was the drug imatinib (Gleevec), but due to insurance coverage issues she has not been able to afford the out of pocket cost…about $10,000 per month!!
After hearing this, I immediately went online to and found that she could buy imatinib for only $35 per month!! She told me that she can definitely afford this, so we decided to hold off on radiation and have her restart the imatinib through this pharmacy. She will have her medical oncologist set up an account and send her prescription to them. Another happy patient left our office with a feeling a hope.