Dried Pomegranate & Prostate Cancer
Did you know that a capsule containing dried pomegranate, green tea, broccoli and turmeric powders was shown in a placebo controlled randomized trial to slow the rise in PSA blood levels by 64% in men with prostate cancer?
While not a treatment for cancer, plant polyphenols (likely the active anticancer compounds) are known to have numerous cancer fighting and many other healthful properties. While we can’t easily test for polyphenols in the body, we can assess the amount of plant based antioxidants (a surrogate marker) that are present using the NutrEval test that we commonly order in my office. On baseline testing, the vast majority of my patients have low levels of these antioxidants. Solution…Eat more plants 🌱 (organic when possible), and add a quality greens 🥬 powder drink or other whole plant supplement if you can’t consume enough vegetables, spices and low glycemic fruits in your diet (always preferred).