If you have a history of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer or ovarian cancer, I recommend getting a DUTCH TEST.
Estrogen (even minute amounts) can stimulate the estrogen receptors on cancer cells. Fortunately, the body naturally breaks down estrogen into 3 main metabolites that are excreted (2-OH, 4-OH and 16-OH estrogens). Studies have shown that the 2-OH estrogen metabolite stimulates the estrogen receptor significantly LESS than the other two metabolites).
The DUTCH TEST is the simplest and best test to find out how much of these metabolites are being produced and their ratios in the body. If we identify a higher amount of the more stimulating estrogen metabolites (4-OH and 16-OH), we will recommend a non-pharmacological management plan to address this. I highly recommend this test. **This plan does not take the place of recommended endocrine therapies prescribed by your oncologist**
As you can see in this individual’s pie chart, their 2-OH (often called the “good estrogen metabolite”) is too low (it should be at least 60% and their percentage is only 46.4%).
We offer the DUTCH TEST in our office (GenesisCare Northwest, 509-987-1800) or online (IOEprogram.com).